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Real Estate Matters

Real estate laws are notoriously complex and difficult to navigate. If you are involved in a real estate transaction, forclosure, easement, or other matter in Greene County, the knowledgeable legal team at Ferguson & Ferguson is here to assist you. We believe in providing every client with the information they need to make confident decisions and arrive at a successful outcome.

Experience You Can Trust

From selling land to buying land and many areas in between, our team is fully prepared to help you address any number of property-related legal matters. We have decades of experience in real estate matters such as creating purchase contracts, transferring deeds, navigating foreclosures, granting easements, and evaluating property ownership. Additionally, we can help landlords navigate the eviction process, as we have substantial experience in drafting leases, enforcing leases, and carrying out evictions.

Helping You Achieve Your Real Estate Goals

Whether you want to sell land, buy real estate, or evict someone from your property, give our team a call. We are well-equipped to help you address a variety of real estate matters, including:

  • Creating purchase contracts related to real estate
  • Transferring whole or partial ownership of property
  • Deed creation
  • Navigating the foreclosure process
  • Granting or negotiating easements
  • Evicting tenants and creating lease agreements
  • And much more!

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If you live in the Xenia or Dayton area and you need help with an upcoming real estate matter, don't hesitate to call Ferguson & Ferguson, LLC at (937) 372-9963 to discuss your situation with an experienced real estate lawyer.


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